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Chef Simon 

German Cuisine
A La Carte

Königsberger Klopse GF

veal meatball/chive oil/crispy caper/smoked celeriac puree/pickled red beet

Red Beet Soupe

sour cream/chive oil

Leibziger Allerlei P

crab/morels/edamame/carrots/asparagus/alba truffle sauce


veal dumpling/oxtail consommé

Quail Eggs VT

mustard sauce/chives/capers/fingerling potato

Cheese Spaetzle VT

crispy shallots/gruyere cheese

Mushroom Ragout V, GF

saffron/lentil puree/pickled radish/garden greens

Goose Liver Pate

german country bread/blueberry sauce/pickles vegetables julienne/mustard

German Potato Soup VT

alba truffle/leeks/smoked salt/cream fraiche/chive-oil

Sauerbraten Rhineland Style GF

chive-mashed potato/glazed pearl onions/braised red cabbage/demi-glace

Heaven and Earth GF

black sausage/red sauerkraut/caramelized onions/parsnip puree/apple chutney

Cologne Mettigel Tartare DF

beef tenderloin/cured cucumber/caper/crispy shallots/pumpernickel

Herring P, GF

housewife sauce/rösti/pickled onions/dill/trout roe

White Asparagus GF, DF

saffron aioli/speck crumble/chives/cured radish

Lemon Sole P, GF

frankfurt sauce/smoked lentil puree/pickled Red Cabbage/cured cucumber/garden herbs

Crispy Steelhead Trout

peas puree/roasted oyster mushroom/pickled kohlrabi/yogurt sauce/trout roe

Asparagus and Young Carrots V

truffle-sunchoke puree/garden herbs

Angus Strip Steak with Tarragon Crust

smoked celeriac puree/charred leeks/glazed pearl onions/garden greens


German Chocolate Cake

candied pecans/cinnamon-frosting/vanilla Ice cream

Apple Strudel

cinnamon whipped cream/raspberry coulis

Assorted Sweets GF

macarons/chocolate brownies/scotch pudding tartlets

Butterscotch Pudding

candied pecans/cream/caramel

VT: Vegetarian   V: Vegan    P: Pescatarian    GF: Gluten-Free    DF: Dairy-Free

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